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Why Fibre?

Why Fibre?


Why Fibre?

Massy brings you Internet and TV service through the use of fibre optic cable to the home.


Fibre optic cable is the fastest and most reliable broadband technology. With Fibre optic cable you get more bandwidth, reliability, flexibility and longer life than traditional copper cable.


You can download files at least 10 times faster than with, for example, ADSL networks. You can upload files, such as family photos, at almost the same speed as downloading.

Fibre Optics: The technology of the future

Fibre networks offer the best advantages:

  • Fast, consistent and reliable internet speeds.
  • Enjoy video streaming with a stable, uncongested network.
  • Market-leading upload speeds to share pictures and video with family and friends around the world.
  • Beat your friends with no lag in your favourite online games.