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Hearing You Loud And Clear

Unlimited Power!
Talk to anyone on any local network including landline and mobile calls, without the worry of a high bill.
Keep Your Number!
If you’re migrating from a TSTT number, don’t worry you can keep the number you have.
Better In A Bundle!
Save even more when you purchase a voice plan with one of our awesome bundles.
Support You Can Count On!
Call 800-HOME (800-4663) 24hrs/7 Days a Week
Essential Talk

Bundle Voice with any Amplia TV or Internet Package


Voice Packages


Essential Talk Plan

Unlimited landline
(any network)

Ultra Talk Plan

Unlimited Landline
Unlimited Mobile
(any network)

Call Master feature rates and International Call rates as described below:

FeaturePrice (VAT Excl)
Caller ID$14
Anonymous Caller Rejection $14
Voicemail Basic $12
Voicemail Full Basic $15
Voicemail Plus $25
Call Waiting $6
Call Forwarding $6
3-Way Calling $6
Speed Calling 30 $6
Speed Calling 8 $6
Call Trace $5
Hold Call Waiting $3

Call Master bundled features

FeaturePrice (VAT Excl)
Conference package with Caller ID (Includes Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-Way calling & Call Forwarding)$19
Security package with Caller ID (Includes Caller ID, Call waiting & Hold Number delivery)$19
Personality package with Caller ID (Includes Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-Way calling & Speed calling 8)$19

International Call Rates

USA, Canada, UK & Ireland$1.25$0.50
Caribbean, Venezuela & India$1.50$0.75
Rest of the World$2.50$1.50

Per second billing in effect