Self Service App

Amplia 4U

The power to pay in the palm of your hand
It's Free!
You know what you have to pay to access this app? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Download the AMPLIA App for FREE and stay connected!
Ditch the line
No need to stand in line or waste time because now you can pay from your phone or tablet with the APP!
Always on call
There isn’t a time or day when we won’t have you covered. You can always connect with an AMPLIA Agent 24/7.
Security is key
We will never give out your personal information, so you can rest assured that you’re always secured when using the AMPLIA APP.

Amplia 4U 2.0

It's here! The new & improved app now allows you to pay your bill online, refer your friends, request services and even more! No need to call and find out your balance or stand in a long line to pay your bill!

Please call customer service to verify if the correct email address was provided if you have not received an email upon registering your Amplia 4U app.


Let’s get started

Complete your registration process:

1. Download the AMPLIA4U App from the Apple or Google Play Store.
2. Enter your (CRM a/c number) e.g.  – CRM_000000222
3. Select Forgot password.
4. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
5. Return to your AMPLIA4U App.
6. Enter your (CRM a/c number) e.g. – CRM_000000222
7. Enter the temporary password that was emailed to you; e.g. nari1234 (you will be asked to re-set your password)


(Passwords are a minimum of 8 characters, must contain capital letters, numbers and special characters e.g. Amplia!123)


Here are a few examples of special characters for password generation “!”#$%&'()*+,./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~”