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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Terms & Conditions

The promotion begins February 15th, 2019 and will end on August 15th , 2019.


This promotion is open to the existing Internet and Bundled customers.

2. General Offer

Pay your bill on time and in full and get a chance to win $2500 cash. There will be one draw in which the winner will be chosen at random during the last week of every billing cycle. Winners’ selection of the above stated prizes will be based on existing services currently active on their Amplia account. The prizes are to be awarded to the account holder only. Customers must be an Amplia subscriber for a minimum of thirty (30) days to qualify for this promotion. Prizes are non-transferable between persons and location.

3. How to enter

Customers are automatically eligible for the promotion once they have paid their Amplia bill in full by beginning February 28th, 2019.

4. Prizes

Cash Prize of $2500

NB. The above stated prize will be honored from March 1st, 2019

5. Selection of Winners

One winner will be chosen randomly amongst all the entrants.


Once selected, the winner will be contacted via an Amplia representative by 5th March, 2019 to collect their prize and the 5th of every month onward until the end of the promotion.


Winner may be required to partake in any promotional or publicity activities


Enjoy big savings with AMPLIA!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the AMPLIA bmobile promotion?

The AMPLIA bmobile promotion is a partnership between AMPLIA Communications and TSTT bmobile that allows both our customers who sign up for AMPLIA service and TSTT bmobile service to enjoy a discounted price on selected mobile and Internet and TV plans.

2. Who is eligible for the promotion?

Both New and Existing AMPLIA and TSTT bmobile customers are eligible for the promotion.

3. What are the details for the plans?

• Unlimited bmobile Nights are from bmobile to bmobile, Monday to Friday 9pm to 4:59am
• Unlimited bmobile weekends are bmobile to bmobile, from Saturday 12:00am to Sunday 11:59PM
• Unlimited Local Landline Calls are to the following networks only: TSTT, AMPLIA Communications, Flow, Lisa Communications
• Per second billing applies for local calls.
• Roaming minutes and data are valid while roaming in the US, Canada, UK, Guyana and Flow Caribbean territories only
• Terms and conditions of bmobile’s Fair Usage Policy apply to all plans

4. Is there a contract period with this promotion?

Yes. New and existing customers subscribing to this promotion MUST sign a one (1) year contract for AMPLIA’s Double/Triple Play Services and a one (1) year contract for TSTT bMobile Post-paid Services.

5. How can this offer be purchased?

This offer is ONLY available from Amplia Communications Limited Sales teams. Visit us on-line at www.amplia.com to sign up or contact our Sales Department at 877-HELP (4357).

6. Are all customers eligible for a FREE Handset?

No. Only NEW bmobile customers (New to TSTT bmobile, upgrading from Pre-paid to Post-Paid or moving from another Mobile Provider) or Existing bmobile customers upgrading to one of the LTE plans will be eligible.

7. As an existing AMPLIA, existing TSTT bmobile customer will I be eligible for this promotion?

Yes. However, outstanding payments must be cleared off for both AMPLIA and TSTT bmobile accounts before becoming eligible.

8. As an existing AMPLIA, bmobile customer can I downgrade my existing plans to subscribe to this promotion?

No. Only customers upgrading their service will be eligible to this promotion.

9. To subscribe to these plans as an existing bmobile Post-paid customer on contract, will termination fees apply?

No. Existing TSTT bmobile customers subscribing to this promotion who are in contract with TSTT bmobile will extend their contract to the end of the one (1) year term under this promotion. If your existing contract extends beyond the contract term of this promotion, the end date of the existing contract will stand.

10. If I subscribe to this promotion, will I be eligible for other TSTT bmobile promotions that offer discounts?

No. You will not be eligible for other discounted promotions with TSTT bmobile.

11. Will I get one bill for both my AMPLIA and TSTT bmobile plan?

No. You will receive two bills for this promotion. Upon installation of service you will be required to sign AMPLIA’s service agreement form and TSTT bmobile’s service agreement form.

12. Where will I pay my bills for the AMPLIA bmobile promotion?

For your AMPLIA bill – you can pay at any Sure Pay, VIA, Bank (exclusive of RBL), online or at our El Socorro Head Office. For your bmobile bill – you can pay at any Sure Pay, VIA, Bank, Authorized dealer or online.

13. If I have a query with my TSTT bmobile handset, what will be the process?

Your TSTT bmobile Service agreement form along with your TSTT bmobile handset can be taken into any of the Cell Master (an authorized TSTT Dealer) to initiate your handset query process.

14. If I have a query with my bmobile Postpaid service, what will be the process?

You can contact bmobile customer care by dialing *100 from your bmobile phone or 824-TSTT (8788) from any landline.

15. If I have a query with my AMPLIA services, what will be the process?

You can contact our Customer Care Centre at 877-HELP and one of our Customer Service Professionals will walk you through the process.

16. Is there a termination fee applicable to this promotion?

Yes. The termination fee will be 50% of the plan fee over the remaining months of the contract period.