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Amazing deals for the entire family

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the duration of this promotion?

This promotion runs from July 7th to September 30th 2022

What special offers are available with this promotion?

New Residential Customers:

Internet Only (Single Play)

50 free Megabytes per second (MBPS)

25% off for 3 months

Internet + Tv (Double Play)

75 free MBPS

20% off for 3 months Free

Premium Sports for 3 months

50 hours free cloud storage


Internet + Voice (Double Play)

75 free MBPS

20% off for 3 months (Variable Charges of Voice Not Included)

Internet Tv & Voice (Triple Play)

100 free MBPS

25% off for 3 months

Free Premium Sports for 3 months

50hrs FREE cloud storage

Will I see my speeds decrease after the promotion has ended?

No, once you sign up during the promotion you will remain with the increased speeds.

Will the price remain the same after the promotion has ended?

No, after the time stated above the prices on your plans will revert to its original cost without the discount.

Will TSTT migrated customers be eligible for this promotion?

TSTT migrated customers will only be eligible to promotion upon upgrade to AMPLIA.

When will I see this promotional discount applied on my bill?

Your discount will be reflected on the first bill you receive upon sign up for our promotional bundles.

If I choose to downgrade during the promotion, will I still receive the discount?

No, the discount will be removed from your account.

Are Customers Required to Sign Any Contracts Related To The Offer?

Yes, customers are required to commit to a one-year contractual period.

In the case of a customer opting out of the promotion before a year, would there be a penalty?

Yes, a breach of this condition will result in a fine equivalent to the sum of the discount the customer would have enjoyed for the period under the promotion

Would new signups be eligible for two discount promotions. For example, TTARP and Christmas Promotion?

No, you must choose the promotion you prefer.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who can Subscribe to Amplia Ultimate Sports Add-On?

The Ultimate Sports Add-on is available to both new and existing customers. Any customer subscribed to a package that includes TV can purchase the package.

2. When can customers subscribe to Ultimate Sports?

Customers can subscribe to Amplia Ultimate Sports anytime they want.

3. what channels are included in the Ultimate Sports Package?

Channels included in the Premium Sports package are Sportsmax 1 & 2, Flow Sports, ESPNU, ESPN SEC, C Sport and C Sport 2

4. How much is the Ultimate Sports Package?

The Amplia Ultimate Sports Add-on is $90/mth.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the AMPLIA PriceSmart Promotion?

Amplia has partnered with PriceSmart to allow their members who sign up for AMPLIA services to enjoy a special 10% discount on any Double and Triple play bundles. Please see here for our bundles listing

2. Is the AMPLIA PriceSmart Promotion available to both New & Existing Sales subscriptions?

The promotion is ONLY available to NEW SALES and UPGRADES.

3. Who is eligible for this discount?

All new Amplia signups who also hold an active PriceSmart membership will enjoy the benefits of a 10% discount on any of our Double or Triple Play bundles.

4. How do I receive this discount?

Active registered PriceSmart Members MUST provide their PriceSmart Membership card upon signup to qualify for the promotion.

5. Is there a contract period for the AMPLIA PriceSmart promotion?

Yes. New customers MUST sign a one (1) year contract.

6. If I were to upgrade to any Double or Triple play plans, will I be eligible for this AMPLIA PriceSmart promotion?

As an active PriceSmart member, you are eligible for the promotion upon upgrading your Amplia service.

7. Is there a termination fee applicable to the AMPLIA PriceSmart promotion?

Yes. Customers subscribed to the promotion are subject to fees if the contract term is terminated before the stipulated period. You will be required to pay back the total discount amount enjoyed upon termination.

8. If I subscribe to this promotion, will I be eligible for other AMPLIA promotions that offer discounts?

No. You will not be eligible for other discounted promotions with AMPLIA.

9. Can I apply for this discount for my friends or family?

No, the promotion is only available to active PriceSmart members applying for this service under their name at their residence.

10. Can a PriceSmart customer get discounts for multiple accounts?

No, a PriceSmart customer is only eligible for the discount for one (1) account that is in their name and home address.


Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible for this discount?

Customers who are members of TTARP are eligible for these discounts as long as they provide proof of membership upon initial sign up for service.

What discounts are offered to TTARP Members?

TTARP members are eligible for discounts of up to 20% on Single, Double & Triple Play services.

Are there any contract requirements when applying for these discounts?

TTARP members who want to sign up for a 20% discount will be under contract for 1 full year of service.

Are customers required to sign any contracts related to the offer and are penalties attached for a breach of contract?

Customers who decide to receive any of our April promotional offers agree to a 1 year service contract. If the contract is breached by requesting cancellation, the customer will be charged the sum equivalent to the original discount they would have received upon sign up during the promotional period.

Is there a penalty for cancellation of service?

Customers who sign up for a 20% discount and cancel their subscription before completing a full year of service will be charged a 50% cancellation fee as a penalty.