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1. What is the Watch, Surf and Talk?

The Watch, Surf and Talk is TV, Internet and Phone service at affordable package prices.

2. Is your service fiber to the home?

Yes, we bring you TV, Internet and Phone service by fiber directly to your living room.

3. What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic cable is the fastest and most reliable broadband technology. With Fiber you get more bandwidth, reliability, flexibility and longer life than traditional copper cable.

4. What are the packages that would be offered with Watch, Surf and Talk service?

The packages that would be offered with Watch, Surf and Talk service are listed on the following pages and links to our website:


5. Will I receive attractive discounts when I bundle?

Yes. The bundle packages include attractive discounts within the package price.

6. What are the locations that will be able to receive the Watch, Surf and Talk service?

A Customer Service Professional is waiting for your call at 800-HOME (4663) to discuss where you live and check to see if you are in our coverage area at this time.

7. What is the price of installation?

Standard Installation will be FREE for up to 3 Set-Top Boxes. When you call 800-HOME (4663) a Service Professional can discuss some installation options and the cost with you based on your needs.

8. Can I record and store TV series and movies?

Yes. You will be able to record and store movies and TV series with a PVR Box.

9. What is a PVR Box?

A PVR Box is a Personal Video Recorder that stores movies and TV series.

10. How many hours of storage can I receive with my PVR Box?

You will be able to receive up to 350 hours of SD programming and up to 125 hours of HD programming or something in between if you record some SD and some HD.

11. Where can I pay my bill?

You will be able to pay your bill at the following:

All Massy Stores

All Sure pay locations

All VIA locations

Online banking through RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and First Citizens bank

On our Amplia4u Self Service Portal

In person at First Citizens Bank

At our El Socorro office

12. Will I receive Massy points when I pay my bill?

Yes. Massy points are applied to your account when you pay your bill.

13. How many points do I receive when I pay my bill?

You will receive 1 point for every $10 spent when you pay your bill.

14. Are points applied to VAT on my bill?

No. Points are applied exclusive of VAT.

15. Can I redeem my points to pay my Amplia Communications bill?

Yes. You can use your points to pay your Amplia Communications bill. Point redemption is valued at 10 points = $1

16. How many points do I need to have before I can use them to pay my bill?

The minimum number of points required for redemption is 400. Please note that to redeem for any reward, the points accumulated must be equal to, or more than, that required for the reward being requested.

17. Can I pay my bill with points at Massy stores or at the bank?

No. At this point in time point payments can only be made at our Amplia Communications Head office in El Socorro.