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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

August 19th 2023

AMPLIA Boosts Eco Park Experience with Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

In a significant stride toward enhancing community engagement and connectivity, AMPLIA recently launched high-speed public Wi-Fi at the St Helena Eco Park in East Trinidad. This exciting development was unveiled during the annual Emancipation Day celebration hosted by St. Helena Development Corporation, signaling new connections for the park and its visitors.


The St. Helena Development Corporation, an NGO dedicated to developing the Eco Park since its inception in 2000, has transformed this green oasis into a thriving hub for the local community. Over the years, the park has not only become a popular destination for residents but also a venue for events that celebrate the rich traditions and heritage of Trinidad and Tobago.


The annual Emancipation Day celebration, held later than the holiday to align with national festivities and the visit of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Ashanti King of Ghana, was a momentous occasion for both the park and the community. It marked the official launch of AMPLIA’s high-speed public Wi-Fi service, granting patrons attending events or seeking recreation at the park access to fast and free internet services on their devices. AMPLIA’s commitment to the community was further underscored by their sponsorship of official signage for the Eco Park.


Sasha Lowhar-Best, Marketing Manager at AMPLIA, expressed their dedication to expanding their reach across Trinidad and Tobago while collaborating with communities to enhance their quality of life. “Our partnership with the St. Helena Development Corporation represents our ongoing commitment to serving communities through our products and services,” she stated. “We not only aim to provide valuable services but also to understand the unique needs of each community and contribute to their well-being.”


The introduction of public Wi-Fi at the park received a warm reception from Bobby Maharajh, one of the directors of the Corporation. With approximately 200 daily visitors enjoying activities ranging from reading and relaxation to exercise and movie nights, the Wi-Fi connectivity promises to open new possibilities for the park. Maharajh remarked, “We anticipate hosting more events and welcoming students who can use the Wi-Fi for their studies. Visitors can also utilize their smart devices for health and wellness tracking during their workouts.” He emphasized the Eco Park’s commitment to creating a healthy, safe, and secure outdoor space, highlighting the park’s investment in remote camera monitoring for added safety.


Situated in the vibrant St. Helena Village in Piarco, the 10.5-acre Eco Park stands as a testament to successful land reclamation through the diversion of the Caroni River. The park boasts a 550M walking track, a bandstand, well-appointed restroom facilities, exercise equipment, and a reliable lighting system. It serves as the venue for numerous annual events, including Carnival celebrations, Divali, Eid, Christmas festivities, and national holiday observances. This model of green space management garners support from AMPLIA, further underlining their commitment to the community.


AMPLIA’s contribution to the Eco Park’s growth and its commitment to community connectivity resonate strongly with the mission of the St. Helena Development Corporation. Together, they are ushering in a new era of engagement and connectivity for this cherished green space in East Trinidad.


Photos by Ishmael Salandy

November 25th 2022

Amplia Adopts Sangre Grande Communities

Well-deployed Corporate Social Responsibility on any level can have profound and meaningful impacts on people, homes and communities across Trinidad and Tobago. As an indigenous telecommunications services provider in Trinidad & Tobago, AMPLIA is committed to having  positive and meaningful social and or environmental impacts across all communities within which we operate.


When Paul Mongolas became the Councilor for Sangre Grande Northeast six years ago, he was keenly aware that there was a need for many improvements and projects in the area. “The first thing I recognised was that there was a need to sustainably beautify the environment, because when the environment looks good, people feel good, and it also creates a healthier and safer community.”


AMPLIA through its community outreach, supported the Councilor’s inaugural Sports Day several years ago at a newly renovated basketball court and recently deployed play park, and then joined the beautification pilot program with the donation of several benches in nearby areas and one local school.


Sasha Lowhar-Best, Marketing Manager, Amplia Communications, is pleased with the outcomes of their support of the communities in the Sangre Grande Northeast area. “We have partnered with the Councilor and his team on several occasions and adopted this area as one that is near and dear to the AMPLIA family. More than ever, projects that include events to bring the community together alongside infrastructure and beautification are necessary. Together, they work to bring people out of their homes to shared spaces, which helps to build community.  It is also key to creating a safer country. When we get to know our neighbours, we can better be our neighbours’ keepers,” she elaborates. The AMPLIA Marketing Manager also notes that clean community spaces bring positive health and wellness benefits by having people exercise more. “A healthy environment means healthier and happier human beings and as a company, we are happy to see the benches being used and enjoyed by old and young alike.”


Mongolas recalls that the students of one particular school. Students of Sangre Grande Seven Day Adventists were overjoyed for the additional benches in the schoolyard. “The children loved the benches. The first day they got them, we were there and there were at least a dozen children on the benches; they were so excited about the donation.” Benches were also deployed near the community and sports grounds. Mongolas noted that ‘senior citizens were out on some evenings making use of some and youngsters at the other location, just in time for some friendly basketball and football tournaments.’


“The relationship with AMPLIA has been a valuable one, growing from their support of our sports tournaments six years ago to this project now and I am very grateful for their commitment to the residents in our community,” Mongolas added.